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Rutland’s Ancient & Modern Charities work together

The Hospital of St John & St Anne own a 1 kilometre tract of farmland / woodland whose eastern boundary is the original Oakham Canal. A new charitable organisation has been set up to improve access to, and the amenity of, this historic waterway, a concept that SJSA are keen to support.

So now Rutland’s oldest charity, and possibly its newest, have reached an agreement to ensure that the public can benefit from both the tow-path and woodland that borders this small but very attractive canal. Dog walkers, fisherman, and local ramblers will all benefit from the agreement that has been reached to establish safe walkways across the land.

David Pattinson, Chairman of SJSA, stated “We are happy to contribute to anything that makes Rutland a better place to live” as he signed the agreement alongside Mr Paul Dadford Trustee of the Canal project charity.

(pic; Mr Dadford & Mr Pattinson standing beside the canal dam at the southern end of the SJSA land.


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